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Nancy F. Grassian
Mara Beller
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"Cancione" sound clip.

Mother's Day Memorial Concert Program

Sunday May 8, 2005, 3:30PM

Temple Shir Tikvah, 34 Vine Street Winchester, MA 01890
Tel: 781-729-1263


Shir Tikvah String Ensemble

Barbara Oren, Harris Shilakowsky, violin

Sonia Oram, David Schreiber, viola

Jon Dreyer, Sandi-Jo Malmon, cello

String Quartet No. 2 in D major  -  Borodin

Dedicated to Motherhood


Cancione for String Sextet  -  Ramsey Ameen

Premiere Performance

Dedicated to Nancy Friedman Grassian, 1951-2004

Dear Stuart,

You and your family have my deepest sympathy as you continue to cope with the loss of your beloved wife Nancy. What I have read about Nancy leaves no doubt about her extraordinary vivacity and connectedness to others, or about her remarkable courage in enduring what must have been an incredibly difficult course of treatment for so many years.

How do we carry on after such loss? I believe that such persons as Nancy, who give so much to others while living, bequeath an enduring gift after their passing, in the persistent survival of their most uniquely beautiful qualities in the hearts and minds of those who knew them best.

When I heard of your loss, I immediately began to write a piece of music, "Cancione." This music is dedicated to Nancy, to you, to your family, and to all those who knew and loved Nancy.  The human truth at the heart of "Cancione" is expressed in this poem by Emily Dickinson:

"We learn in the Retreating

How vast an one
Was recently among us
A Perished Sun
Endear in the departure
How doubly more
Than all the Golden Presence
It was before "

I hope that this gesture of friendship through music will offer some small measure of support to you and your loved ones now and in the future. I wish you and your family the continued fulfillment of the all goals and dreams that you and Nancy shared.


Ramsey Ameen




Alexander Ameen, Piano


Sonata in A major, Op.101  -  Beethoven, 1st and 2nd Movements

Dedicated to Compassion and Courage


Well Tempered Clavier Book 1

Prelude and Fugue in D minor  -   Bach

Dedicated to Mara Beller, 1945-2004

Dear Mr. Beller,

I was very moved by the words you wrote about your wife Mara Beller. Having learned more about Mara, I now understand why Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Prelude and Fugue in D minor will be an excellent dedication to the memory of her life.

Mara's unusual interpretations of "Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn and "Novogodnee" by Tsevetaeva were inspiring to read about. I think my interpretation of Bach's Prelude and Fugue in D minor is a very unique one. This music, which is so open to interpretation, will be a fitting tribute to such a creative person as Mara. The numerous unexpected turns the music takes can relate to someone who "always managed to surprise."

I am especially interested in Mara's idea of a dialogue after death. I never considered such a thing before, but after reading about her I started wondering what it would be like to have a conversation with departed relatives. I think this Bach piece, especially with the surreal atmosphere during the fugue, captures the essence of this idea and creates a world where this type of communication is possible.

The story of Mara Beller is a touching one. From now on, whenever I play this Bach Prelude & Fugue, I'll be thinking of your words and their characterization of your wife. I hope you will find that the music I will play for Mara can highlight and communicate some of her qualities and personality.

Alex Ameen


Works for Solo Piano  -  Bartok


Round Dance

Dedicated for our contributors to their Loved Ones


Fairy Tale  + Improvisation, w/Ramsey Ameen, violin, Ed Levine, percussion.

Fairy Tale dedicated to Laura McNamee

Improvisation dedicated to Amber Ameen



Dedicated to Lillian S. Goldrich, 1921-1974


Evening in The Country

Dedicated to Mary D. Ameen


In a Sentimental Mood  -  Duke Ellington,  w/Jon Dreyer, bass

Dedicated to Love and Friendship


Pianist Alexander Ameen, age 16,  is generously performing in this concert as a community service volunteer.


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