Thank you to all who helped make this unique project a success!

Together we raised $3,600 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America!




Nancy F. Grassian
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  All donations in any amount are gratefully received.
  Contributor Dedication
  Ramsey Ameen In honor of my mother, Edna Ameen,  whose love of family is her life's breath.
  Aaron Beller In memory of my wife, Mara Beller.
  Bruce Block In memory of the unconditional love  from my mother and grandmother, Anna Block, and May Bernstein.
  Morton I. Brenner  
  Martin Cobern In honor of my classmate, Stuart Grassian, and in memory of his wife Nancy. In memory of my mother, Charlotte Cobern, and my mother-in-law, Lillian Liebenson.
  Sarajane Fruchter Dolinsky In memory of my mother, Mildred Pearl Fruchter, who passed away at age 50 from leiomyosarcoma.
  Marjorie A. Feldman In memory of Mara Beller.
  Janie Fischbach  
  Michael Frank  
  Brett J. and Blanche Gerstenhaber  
  Jan Goldstein  
  Fred Goldrich In memory of my mother, Lillian S. Goldrich.
  Stuart Grassian In memory of my wife, Nancy Grassian.
  Frances Schlamowitz Grodzinsky In memory of Stuart Grassian's wife Nancy. In loving memory of my mother, Rose T. Glass.
  Ronnye T. Halpern  
  Phyllis Hershon In memory of my mother, Tessie Hershon.
  Roya Khosravi-Far In honor of my mother, Simin, in memory of my grandmothers, Batoul and Masoumeh, and in memory of Dr. Nancy Friedman Grassian.
  Sharon Legier It was an honor to have known Nancy Friedman Grassian.
  Ed Levine  
  Diana Loewy In memory of my mother, Berta Loewy
  Tracy Matthews  
  Morris and Linda P. Olitsky  
  Susan Rogers  
  Anita Rubin In memory of Dr. Nancy Friedman Grassian.

Stephen N. and Renee Stern Steinig

In loving memory of my mother, Rose Fallik Stern (1908-2001), and my mother-in-law, Selma Weitzner Steinig (1919-1997).

Karen Whittlesey

In memory of my aunt, Ruth Whittlesey-Stapp. In honor of my daughter, Laura McNamee.

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Mother's Day 2005 Project

P.O. Box 312

Wanaque, NJ  07465-0312


Toll-free Hotline: 1-866-309-3952

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to: Rob Ain, Alexander Ameen, Amber Ameen, Mary Ameen, Aaron Beller, Bruce Block and BHSS'63 CAP, Jon Dreyer, Janie Fischbach, Rick Goldberg, Fred Goldrich, Stuart Grassian, Ed Levine, Susan Rogers, David Schreiber, The Sound Professionals, Inc., Karen Whittlesey, and everyone who is providing support and encouragement for this project.




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